The ability to competitively finance voice trades underpins the success of telco businesses large and small. This is where Mediatel Voice comes in. A specialist voice trading company, we work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Telcos to finance millions of minutes daily.

Our mission is to create the favourable financial environment in which telcos can thrive. We make it easier to accelerate growth by providing you with the most favourable financial terms in which to operate. Get your financing right and your business will be at the forefont of profitability, get it wrong and you could disappear.

Who We Are

We’re an agile team with a global reach plus the added reassurance of being part of a larger group with over 30 years direct sector specific voice trading experience.

Yes we deliver on price and quality but if you really want to maximise the area that will give you real growth contact us now and talk to us about our innovation in call trade financing.

When it comes to Voice ours has a little more to say than the rest.

What We Do

Mediatel combines aggressive rates with a quality, service driven culture. This is what separates us from our competitors.

It gives us the ability to deliver highly scalable, cost-effective and tailored solutions to high volume international telecommunications companies who require global termination at extremely competitive rates. We achieve the special balance of ‘quality at the right price’ by leveraging connections gained from 30 years in the telecoms industry. This means that we have an increased supplier base and partner with providers who can match our high standards. We also back it up with instant support 24/7 and a speedy interconnect process that gets businesses growing faster.

How We Do It

We specialize in voice exchange for both corporate clients and smaller market players. We define ourselves as follows:


Mediatel Voice combines both a depth of industry experience with an entrepreneurial spirit and openness to explore new technologies and models. Our vision is a market where MNOs and Service Providers can simply and easily optimise, accelerate and secure their Voice and messaging businesses.

We are at the forefront of what’s new in the marketplace. If it’s good and something that we beklieve that you’ll benefit from as a client you can be assured that we’ll already be on it.


Mediatel Voice is a nimble, agile organisation that can make and execute decisions quickly. We’re across the most up to date business intelligence, meaning that we get the right products to our clients quickly in an ever-changing, highly competitive market.


Mediatel Voice is a global provider of communications services, part of the Mediatel Group, which has over 30 years experience, operates on three continents and is driven by a spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. We are 100% British capital-founded, and due to our partners, team and branches operate comfortably at a multinational level.


We offer our clients both high quality services (using a TDM infrastructure) and complete cost-effective solutions (using VoIP networks). Our unique approach to Voice maximises profit, growth and long-term ROI.


Our team of professionals is well-versed in the dynamic voice traffic market. We think longterm and always endeavour to make the business decisions that will deliver for our clients strategically as well as financially.


Mediatel Voice’s business philosophy is build on a foundation of integrity, responsibility and respect for human values and culture. Our strength comes from our people and we choose to invest in various social welfare and well-being programmes.